I’ve lived all my life in Cambridge - it’s a privilege to reside in a city with such stunning vernacular architecture. Most people automatically head for the colleges that make up the world renowned Cambridge University but look carefully and there’s a lot more than that to admire.

Architecture has always been a keen interest of mine, particularly timber framed buildings. One day I happened upon a book by the gifted miniaturist Brian Nickolls and decided to have a go myself, turning to my home city for inspiration.

To date I have made three representations of Cambridge buildings in 1/12th scale:

Emmanuel Street - Circa 1913

The Haunted Bookshop - St Edwards Passage

Ian Stevens, Leathersmith - 28 Magdalene Street

Whilst regarded as dolls house scale, they are certainly not toys to be played with. They are collectors’ items and a labour of love for me to make. Anyone who has visited Miniatura at the N.E.C. in Birmingham will realise the attention to detail that a miniaturist like myself will strive for. Each project can take about 150 hours to complete. I make most of the buildings from scratch with the exception being the brick and stone products. Lime wood is a great material to work with and is perfect for doors and windows.

There are a few other Cambridge buildings past and present I’d like to replicate. One in particular is The Three Tunns, reputedly a stop off point for Dick Turpin on the run from the Bow Street Magistrates.

If you are interested in what I do you might want to have a look at a recent article in the Cambridge News or please get in touch by email on info@cambridgeinminiature.co.uk.

Jeremy Corke

STOP PRESS: Cambridge in Miniature has recently been featured on Anglia News - check out the video - and be patient, its a big file but does show you the kind of thing that I do . . . .


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